Monday, September 27, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love... always.

Nearly a month and a half from the US premier date, the highly anticipated Eat, Pray, Love - also known as Come Reza Ama - finally made it's way to Spanish cinemas.  Despite the beautiful filmography and the accurate portrayal of three extremely different cultures: Italy, India and Indonesia, I was majorly disappointed with the movie.

Main character, Liz Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts was depicted as a selfish and unsatisfied wife amidst a serious mid-life crisis which caused her to up n' leave her New York life for a quest of self-realization around the world.  Not exactly the admirable and curious heroine I imagined her to be while reading the book.

However, it's not uncommon to be disappointed in the film version.  And, while I'm sure millions of other people LOVED it - it was definitely not worth rushing to the first showing after a night of cava bubbly.

Having stated that, I will admit that the film admirably managed to keep the underlying theme of seeking and ultimately allowing oneself to immerse in the many different pleasures life has to offer.  While I found Liz Gilbert's character largely unrelatable, I found myself thinking about some of my own favorite memories of eating, praying and loving.

Cooking, eating and savoring are one of the ultimate sensual experiences that we so oftentimes miss because sadly, we eat to quickly satisfy our hunger instead of enjoy.  Liz Gilbert eats her way to bigger jeans and ultimately fills her appetite for life.


When I saw this part and the movie I couldn't help but reminisce on my own Italian adventure.  This picture was taken at the Montefiorelle winery in Tuscany, Italy.  Crusty baguette drizzled with freshly pressed olive oil and topped with fine slices of prosciotto and peppery Italian salami.  The salty flavors are swirled with a glass of Chianti red also from the family-owned vineyard... quite possibly on of my favorite food, life and love memories to date.

I've grown up Catholic and faith has been something that has always been instilled in my life.  However the callings of the day-to-day responsibilities have caused my Sunday church routine to be limited to more like monthly.  Okay, holidays and special occasions only.  But the point is that whether having a faith or no faith - simple thoughts of gratitude to the some greater power of the universe does wonders for the soul.

Santa Maria Del Mar, Barcelona.  
An old but beautiful cathedral to light a candle, getaway and reflect.

As the Beatles wonderfully put it:  All you need is love.  Love is all you need.

Magic in the streets of Madrid.

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