Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brown Bag Lunch

My brown bag lunches don't compose of delectable combinations such as these (if only).  The first hours of my day are far too packed with optimistic chores that somehow I believe that will fit within the two hours I allot before leaving for the office: run, shower, blow-dry hair (sometimes just bangs), make-up, choose outfit, upload blog photos, pack lunch, load dishwasher.  Anyone who's ever lived with me can affirm that it never happens.  I either flee the house without brushing mascara on both eyes or inevitably wind up to the office 10 minutes late.  If the world ran 10-15 minutes later than it was meant to then I guarantee you I'd always be on time.

But alas, it doesn't.  So I'm forced to hastily toss whatever pops out first to me in the fridge for lunch.  Usually it's some form of this: salad greens, goat cheese, crumbled walnuts, a sloppy drizzle of balsamic syrup and a few generous slices of avocados (duh) all wrapped up in a soft tortilla.  Somehow it all the flavors come together amazingly and satisfy my midday blood sugar slump perfectly.

{mmmmm close-up shot}
{boom. 3 minute lunch}

 *    *    *

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  1. yum. thanks for the lunch idea.. for the day that i find a job.. ha.