Thursday, May 23, 2013

Proud Sister: Graduation Day!

Today is a special day for my family. My younger brother Carlo is officially graduating from college! There are lots of things that I love about my brother, but the thing that I admire the most about him is how he's really grown into a man of his own. As kids, I must say that our sibling dynamic was very imbalanced; I was a princess, competitive and vocal while my brother has always been the quiet force in our family. To see him grow up and shine as a young adult is a proud moment as a big sis.

+ College was a turning point. He studied biology for nearly four semesters before deciding that science was not the right path for him. It took a lot of bravery (and time) for him to confess it to our parents, switch majors and start all over.

+ Instead, he'll graduate with a Communications degree, a leadership position in his fraternity, the college radio talk show co-host and internships with some of the top brands in the entertainment, music and art business. It boggles my mind how at the tender age of twenty-three, he's done so much for his career.

+ Most recently, he just returned from a semester in London! Aside from classes, he traveled to different European cities by bus, train, plane and learned lessons of independence while living in a foreign country.

+ At the core, he is artistic and passionate like our mom but has inherited our Dad's qualities of being one of the most patient and kind-hearted people I know.

Carlo, I know that you will continue to shine in all that you do and I am cheering for you every step of the way! I am so sad that I'm not with you in person today but am thinking of you!! Congrats on your graduation. Welcome to the real world :)

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  1. yay! congrats, carlo! :D

  2. Congratulations to your brother! That's so awesome :)